Change Off Topic name

Tucker Blue

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You might as well change Off Topic to "Tucker Talks".

i'm not joking.

i'm the only player keeping that forum category alive. Literally.

...................................Literally. Here's Page 1. Page 2 is mostly threads by me as well.


Nobody posts anything! Look at my recent post about hot sauce. 35 people read it, not ONE replied! i know they HAVE an opinion on hot food. We all do.

So yeah, i'm seriously requesting the name be changed to Tucker Talks.....y'know like Ted Talks.

i'll keep the topics flowin', do not worry about that.

*ed: i just checked again, my Best Movies So Far thread has over 400 views! NOT A SINGLE REPLY! i mean come on now. Not a single "hey i liked that movie too" or a "you forgot this one". Nothing.
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Poker Alice

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Seriously do see a lack of activity on the board and so have been considering trying to encourage anyone who wants to write here to join in.

But in the words of Inspector Harold Francis Callahan (born October 24, 1928), also known as Dirty Harry

"What do you think this is, some kind of encounter group?"