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Camping site B-1: a place for newbies to get started


This is a place for newbies and travellers to sleep for free, located near the centre or the world (get directions below).
Features lots of tips & tricks (both for newbies and more advanced players), as well as the possibility for each player to have his/her personal notepad in a dedicated area of the town's forum.
We offer discounted second-hand equipment for town residents (the list of available items is kept in the town's forum, items will be placed in reserved sale on town's market upon request).

Everyone welcome to join temporarily to use the hotel (just fill the guest book in the town's forum, and read the town's rules).
You can join when you want, and leave when you want, no strings attached.

Attacking anyone while you are a temporary resident (or immediately before joining the town) is strictly forbidden.
Permanent residents are not allowed to attack workers unless attacked first (workers with a legitimate bounty on their head are however acceptable).

No shopping fee required, but any voluntary donation welcome :cool:

PM me in game to obtain an invite.

How to find it on the map:
- click 'Telegrams' > write
- copy [player]Fafhred[/player] in the text area, select 'preview' (no subject or recipient needed)
- click on my name in the preview area
- click on the cross icon 'show on map' in front of the town name
- close profile and telegram windows.
- click on the 'Mini map' button (the world icon on the bottom left) to get the grid showing you the location in the world
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