Business - Payin' the bills?


Here's an idea. I am sure this has been suggested in other forms, but I wanna make a straight suggestion without reading 40 threads where the work 'business' was mentioned, and then it turns out two guys were talking about someones mom.

Anyhow, here is my idea.

When you make a town, and get yourself some citzens, you can go into the Town Hall and click a tab called Marketing.

In this you will see several different tables.

The first one is Town Worth. As your town collects members with nice levels and nice skills, your Town grows in worth. However, I said table, and a table has more than one variable.

So you can view your Town Worth without anybody in it, with just you in it, with that High Level Dueler in it, or with everyone in it. If you feel like selling your town, you can offer it on the Real Estate Market, or wait for someone to give you an Offer.

Say you wanna leave your town, but get the biggest bang for your buck. Your town has a great hotel, gunsmith, general store, the whole shebang. Your entire town agrees that they want to leave and seek the greener grass. (that was not a narcotic reference)

So you check the table, your town is worth $2150. However, breaking this down, you only get $600, and the others get the rest because they did a lot of upgrades to the town.

So you put an offer on the Real Estate Market. Selling Town, Fully Equipped, with Utilities - $2500, you say.

A rich player looks over your town. It has a good location, and fully equipped, with a value rising 0.3% each day, and a hotel making over $300 in tax (Tax is 50% of the money people pay to sleep in your hotel, 50% goes to the town fund, the rest goes into the economy) Not too bad. He decides to check out your town. After checking it out and talking to the residents, he finds out that not that many people are joining and willing to donate. So he decides to simply buy your Hotel and your General Store.

You agree. He buys your Hotel for a tidy sum, and same with the General Store. As soon as he gets them, he adjusts the prices. Of course, you sleep for free so it doesn't affect you. However, with this new $5 Janitor Fridays, you are making a booming business on Fridays, and with the $15 Slumbering Saturdays, people who didn't catch the Friday sale and desperately need a sleep, you are ripping them off and making good tax.

However, the man is completely messing with the general store. He doesn't seem to have good sense in it. If you leave the prices as-is, the Economy (affected by the cash flow from the jobs/hotel) will take control of the pricing, inflating and deflating as needed.

However, in a time where people are running around with a grand in their pocket, he is selling things for dirt cheap, and you are barely making anything off the 15% General Store tax. So you tell him to jack up his prices, or the town will go bankrupt. He disagrees, saying he will shut down his store if you don't let him sell his way.

So you put more pressure on him, by sliding the Tax meter from the default 15% to the max, 25%. Eventually he is making less than if he agreed with you, so he changes his pricing.

Your town Marketing screen also has another nice feature, the Town Vault. The Town Vault looks like and inventory, but can only hold 20 items. Each of these items is deposited by members, and are usually things they don't always need, like lets say they got too many Leathers. When you put something in this town vault, you can tick off Private, if you want this item to be available to only Town members. You can also tick off Share or Sell. Sell will allow you to set a price to sell an item, Share will allow you to give it away for free.

If some jackass fills up your town vault with Glasses of Water, the town leader can click the item and press Send To Owner, which will return the item to the persons inventory. If the person has left the town, it will go to the founders inventory.

Another thing about the vault is, the things in these vault, if not set to private, can be seen by people on the Market. The items in the vault can be auctioned, with the starting bid set by the person who entered the item into the vault. However the entire point is that there is no taxation of items sold, and all proceeds go to the town treasury. So it is like a donation box, so if you don't have the money to donate, you can toss in a extra Union flag, and after a whole bunch of bidding, sell it for a lot of money, which goes to the town treasury. Get it?

So the Vault is like an auction, but the 20-item limit keeps your town from replacing the General Store.

Damn, I rambled on, but the basic idea is to have a lot more marketing options, we want to OWN a chain of hotels, but at the same time avoid the sim-citying by running the risk of being assassinated.

We want to be able to walk into a town, check out the wares and BUY some quest items instead of change your build just to get some cheesy hat or 60 exp.

We want..well most of us want Sparta, but we will leave that suggestion to another day :)


some good stuff here, some bits i query also...

don't read 40 threads, read 'economy'


Yup nice idea..

atleaset we get some ideas for nice RP also..not always people wanting war..Coz from what i see thou thi ain;t a sims game this is also an RP game which also consists of RP as in role playing the life before and not always shooting the living daylights of each other but also trying to make a town grow and prosper..


That's an idea for The Sims, not The West.
Don't see in ANY way how owning a chain of saloons is related to The Sims, where you control a character through his lifetime.

However, everyone seems to be shying away from this TribalWars stereotype, when, in fact, POINTS are the only thing that distinguish you on the rankings. Have you ever seen someone aim for a low score in football just so they can get more tackles?

Sure, if you don't have an army you can't play good in TW, but in my experience armies come naturally as you noble the village, whether it was a barb with a maxed barracks, or you spent 50,000 troops breaking through to a 2000 point village.

Whatever, that's off-topic. Basically I am suggesting a multitude of points, obviously not everyone will agree with them. Owning a ton of towns will probably make you a higher target as you must have more cash on you, so it will balance out.


Most of the ideas at the top will never come about. Its far too complicated to start buying parts of someone elses town, and i doubt theyll add profit either. Would make life easier though ;)


Wow TheFinalBob, you continue to amaze me with your ideas. Keep up the good work! :)


Nice way of putting it :p although they do need to add more stuff to give this game an aim.. atm all you can do is try and be the best at duelling


good ideA, but couldn't you just kick the person out of the town and the clik 'tretun items', and then get them yourself?


When you are kicked out, your items are returned. When you leave of free will, your items stay unless you take them out.