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i'm just intrigued about something that looks like a bug, but also doesn't apply to all players: the loss of energy for bouquet dueling, and also of ko protection. it has happened to some of us that when we bouquet duel, the player initiating the duel loses ALL energy, be it 1 energy point or 150. yesterday, however, eeyam and rcris flower dueled me without losing any, so we thought it was a bug and it had been fixed. but later that day, two players dueled me and i dueled one of them on another world, and all 3 lost whatever energy we had at the moment. without at least 1 energy point, we couldn't initiate a flower duel at all. and it shouldn't affect your ko protection either, since it's not a regular duel so any other dueling rule doesn't apply. it's also curious that if the player has been ko'd in the past 24 hours, he or she can't initiate the duel because the system won't let them.

it's just odd and slightly annoying.


If anyone needs a bouquet dueling partner on W12, shoot me a telegram.