best forum avatar

master warrior

ok here is where we discuss the best forum avatar which is the picture above peoples name.

im sorry if this has been made before but i thought id bring it up again if it has.

i nominate.

black jack i dint know why but there is something about that avatar

master warrior

i know its like what the fudge tnhey keep looking at me from all angles

Black Jack

Er, okay then. Thank you?

I guess I'd have to nominate Cragsterboy's current avatar. Very eye-catching.

David Schofield

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Its a russian Nagnat... I mean Schofield...:blink:


Im gonna have to agree, and say Black Jack. Would have copied it, but I figured people would have noticed.

Took Lauren's instead. Shhhhh, dont tell her.


wow way to steal all my originality from me loki.

not cool.
notttt cool.


don't be ridic

now i'm gonna have to get my self a new lack of avatar.


I vote for Virginia's avatar. (what can I say... have a thing about pianos :p )