Best Financier setup (Purpose-Built player)


We all know about having purpose built players but I can't seem to find the right purpose built financier. A town member that can bring in a donkey full of money faster then all the other members.

Maybe I'm not using the right search words but I can't find anything under Financier or Donkey... ;0)

John Rose

It's called "pure trader", if I'm not entirely mistaken on the terms.


Thanks for the lingo assistance John Rose but there is still no info coming up regarding this. Perfect!

Let's start it here!!!!


I'll answer this directly .. the char that bings in the highest amount of money first is a mobility build.. BUT that is not the king of bringing in money later in the game the second fastest is the STRENGTH build and third is the charisma build 4th FASTEST is the dex build

Now I did say fastest and not king of late game The king of late game is the purpose built char and even then they are not always the king.. I would reccomend you goto west stats and pick out 2-5 late midgame jobs(around 300 points) and build your char for those 3-5 jobs.. so that you can do those 5 jobs with only gear changes.. so you will always be doing those 5 jobs @ 100%


The way to make the more money than any other character is to do as follows:

Put everything into dexterity.

Start by putting everything into setting traps until around level 20 (or higher if you need to get grizzly bear hunting and hunting wolves). this won't get you some higher exp jobs like buffalo hunting but that's ok. Then switch from setting traps to shooting. Eventually all your jobs will be pure money. Serving in the Army. Robbing settlers. Charlatan. Selling guns to Indians. Stealing Horses. And when you're high enough you can do mercenary work and grave robbing, and eventually bounty hunting, ambushing the stage coach, peace negotiations, and robbing trains.

the setting traps is just for early on because eventually shooting is all you need. my character reached the point where if i do mercenary work i make 3 grand a day. right now im starting a gun collection, then i'll move on to collecting all fancy objects. someone by the same token could ignore creating random collections of items and just go for funding little towns. 3 grand a day is more than any town needs and that's donations from one high level player.

As for being the fastest to get money, the dexterity build is not it. It is the fastest way to get experience early on and switches to being hands down the biggest money making build in the game. By the time any non pure dexterity build is at level 30 a dexterity build character is probably 35-40. You accelerate towards the pure money jobs at the end, which are unparalleled in the dex build. While there are some jobs that make more money, the number of money jobs for a build that is dex / shooting is the most income period. mercenary work, bounty hunting, ambushing the stage coach, peace negotiations, robbing settlers, serving in the army, charlatan, robbing trains. they make you rich rich rich.
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hmmm.. both good suggestions but very contrary in point distribution.

More debate!

John Rose

NO more debate needed.

I'd trust Mad Alice on this, were I you.

Edit: and with Tal's input under me, I think this should be thoroughly covered.
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Trader and Trapper makes the most money but trapper levels easier

Supplemented with income premium
on average income premium doubles your profit


This is my inventory on world 3 where I use premium and have the most cash.

I only just entered the collecting phase of the west. Until not too long ago I was spending every dollar I earned switching my skill points from setting traps (which I put into it until level 30) all the way back to shooting. It cost me about 30k.

The problem with this game is that there aren't enough items. Eventually you just have to collect random things. At least the guns I can use. After that it starts to get redundant. I am trying to look ahead though. Since trading will eventually be incorporated I may end up buying a lot of things that people would want to buy from a shop, or something. I don't know.



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By the amount you brag I would have expected you to already have many more extra clothes then that

<-- Not impressed

Altho... None is as drunk as you


You know what makes me laugh

When people are pathetic enough to think that discussing what one has is bragging. This doesn't say anything about me, it says it about you. How YOU respond to others sharing their game, if it's better than you, you have to belittle the purpose of sharing by calling it bragging and by saying you are not impressed.

Well I am not impressed by your shallowness.


Dear, dear Greg

Bragging is subjective.

You might think you are stating facts, looks like many others see it otherwise esp from these 2 threads:

in addition to your earlier post of everything in your backpack.

Shallowness too is subjective. lol

Dont get mad!

Smile, take it easy.... life is short ^^

We all know your rank and your gear in world 3 since we play there too.

World 3 isn't the only world though.

But what Talamare can achieve beyond what you can see in world 3 you wouldn't know because none of us "share" or "discuss" it on forum.

Oh well, take it as we're more selfish with sharing then ^^

Lighten up :)


Poison Apple youa re just that.

Poison raining on everyone elses parade.

Number 1: My name is not Greg it's Alice.

Number 2: I don't give a rats ass what you think.

Number 3: You want me to brag? I don't care what you want. I will share whatever I want to share and discuss whatever I want to discuss, and the only thing I'm mad at, are shallow *****s like you who try to pick a fight with me and belittle me and criticize me, rather than freakign discuss the issue at hand.

You are pathetic, and I pity you.

Let me put it another way:

If you or other random low level nobodies posted their inventory. Nobody would give a flying fart. They wouldn't see it as bragging, they would help the player and see it as discussion.

But YOU see it as bragging, because YOU are inwardly jealous, and externalize the reason for your character flaw as what I am putting out into the world. When in fact you are mistaken. It is not me, it is in fact you.

Case closed.
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Now that would impress me
I have a flaming fart to offer...farts fly all the time...but FLAMING dem's special.

Oh yeah...we are supposed to be talking about profitable character builds.

Yep. MadAlice has a profitable build. I do kinda wonder about that 30k spent on the Shaman. I think I'd about need to be pullin' in that 3k a day in order to be able to stomach makin' that wise old man that rich. Either way, it's one way to do it.

I've had pretty good luck with the pure trader build. Unless I'm bein' lazy, I started being able to bring in 1k a day at level 20. Sometimes more, sometimes less...but Trading with Indians and Silver Mining is a pretty good combo. Now, at level 27, I've added Evangalizing in there as well, and ya get some pretty good pulls off that in the found items.

Thing is...there's no one BEST way to play this game. Many roads, many destinations. My best suggestion to the original poster is to get to know

Jesse James

hmmm.. both good suggestions but very contrary in point distribution.

More debate!
Madalice's way is best.But pure trading is an easier option.
In w5 I can do jobs like Evangelizing,selling guns to indians and silver mining at level 25.Money never will be a problem for you and you will find some cool items too :)
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