Been gone a while, I need help.......!


I haven't been to this game since probably early 2015 but, haven't played since 2014. I need to find out how to figure out how to find where the quests have to be finished. I am trying to finish some that were already on my tasks. Letters from nowhere? The Easter Bunny one? So not sure about this anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for help.


hi i am new too the game and at posting an idea,but i would like to reccomend that when traveling on quest or just traveling across the minimap i noticed that if you quit on a quest that your character reverts back to the start place that you where traveling from. what if .when traveling that you can stop to do side quest or stop traveling anywhere on the map that you would like to explore with out your character reverting back to it's start location. thanks for your patience and understanding, feel free to pm or friend me if you like thanks again.