Are You Looking for a Town


InGame Name:TerwollaferJoe
Character Level (XP/XP):lvl 4: 15/35
Current Residency: The Bush (none)
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:40$
Highest Attribute:Strength 4
1st Highest Skill:construction 16
2nd Highest Skill: all other red skills are 4
3rd Highest Skill:
Intended Character Build: worker/construction
Declared Intentions: To actively help build the town.
Personal Requirements/Requests: Guidance and patience because i am a noob. Also Hilarious mafackas.


Looking for a town

InGame Name: Vadila
Current Level: 6 but raising fast as I played on another server about a year ago.

Plan on going adventurer when the time comes to pick.

Looking for a nice town to join and have fun with.


Looking for a town

Hello, he name is Sepp. Have been playing the game less than a week now, but Im now hooked. Im looking for a town thats not afraid to lend its knowledge to a new play. Im very active and very anxious to lend a hand to anyone willing to let me try. Level 9 atm, but seem to be gaining fast. Please shoot me(pardon the pun) a telegram if you have any questions about what I can do for you! Thank you

Mister Cowman

InGame Name: Mister Cowman
Character Level (XP/XP): 77/110
Current Residency:na
Previous Residency:na
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:357
Highest Attribute: Charisma 5
1st Highest Skill: Trading 9
2nd Highest Skill:
3rd Highest Skill:
Intended Character Build: Trader, but not really sure yest
Declared Intentions: noob, looking for help
Personal Requirements/Requests:


InGame Name:BDFT
Character Level (XP/XP):9
Current Residency:NA
Previous Residency:NA
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:$538
Highest Attribute:STRENGTH
1st Highest Skill:VIGOR
2nd Highest Skill:AIM
3rd Highest Skill:REFLEX
Intended Character Build: SOLDIER/MELEE
Declared Intentions:Im just restarting after being gone awhile.
Personal Requirements/Requests:good people/active town.


Looking for a player town to join

Looking for a town w/ a fully tricked out Hotel & helpful players


I just started a new town called Western Warriors II. I would like to know if anyone has an alliance I can join. Also needing new members to help build. Im only level 10 because i started over, was Level 70.


InGame Name: Dreedj
Character Level (XP/XP): 7/131
Current Residency:nonw
Previous Residency:none
Accumulated Contributions: 0
Cash/Bank Account: 298
Highest Attribute: Dexterity
1st Highest Skill: swimming
2nd Highest Skill: shooting
3rd Highest Skill: trading
Intended Character Build: cratfing
Declared Intentions: just to join a good twon
Personal Requirements: none

just send an invite on the game

Major bob

Experienced and ambitious french player looking for a violent town

Hello everybody.

InGame Name:Major Bob
Character Level (XP/XP): level 7 ( fast increase )
Current Residency:None
Previous Residency: None
Accumulated Contributions:
Cash/Bank Account:324$
Highest Attribute:Strength
1st Highest Skill:Leadership
2nd Highest Skill:
3rd Highest Skill:
Intended Character Build: Tank, strong health points
Declared Intentions: Fighting on the battleground
Personal Requirements/Requests: A strong city which has a lot of fortbattle of course.

As I said in the tittle I'm a French player , I play on Baton Rouge ( Fr world 7 with a battle fort dueller) , French Colorado ( fr world 8) and French Arizona (fr world 6 there I'm Bob Johnson lol , a tank soldier reaching 10 000 hp )

I'm passionate by the fortbattle ( have a look on westforts if you have doubt : 7th in Arizona and 3rd in Baton Rouge)

So fortbattle is my predilection field that's why I'm looking fort a military town , with good leaders :D

I'm here to discover an other mentality ( french players are impulsive too much and need to be more mature sometimes...and respectfull ! :hmf: ), have fun on the battleground and on the tchat/ channel ( ? )

I'm low level okay , but I progress fast and well...and I'm here to fight ! :laugh:

Have fun !

Edit : If this topic isn't at the good place , please move it at the right place. Sorry for my english
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I am back

InGame Name: Staind
Character Level (XP/XP):
Current Residency: none
Previous Residency: none
Accumulated Contributions: 0
Cash/Bank Account: 150
Highest Attribute: Charisma
1st Highest Skill: Vigor
2nd Highest Skill: Appearance
3rd Highest Skill: Tactics
Intended Character Build: Soldier
Declared Intentions: Need a town that will actively duel
Personal Requirements: none

I have been playing The-West since 2009, but decided to take a 2 year break. Now Im back in action and looking for a town :)

Been a member of some of the best towns way back in 2009, like Infrac Junction.. Along with Elmyr, sdjx, and HeftySmurfback in the days :cool:

Please send me an invite in-game if you need another active player on your town :)

Thanks :D


Gravenstein , lvl 120...coming over from W3 and looking for a new home


Cheyenne is not a all girls town, but we have atleast 3 very active girls playing.
Your welcome to join us if you can't find a all girls town.
Cheyenne is a great town with good people, if you prefer a no rules dueling town then any of the WRR alliance towns might suit you. I would strongly recommend Shangai Noon as a great mixed duel and fort fighting town