Announcement - Recruit Friends

Mustang Kate

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If Inno needs more players, it's because so many quit. And they will not recommend
the game in most cases.. The West needs new content. People fade away when
it's 'groundhog day' every day. Look over some of the game ideas players have
proposed, some of them are quite good.


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Apparently Inno's answer to this issue is to have this constant ad for us to recruit friends...

Why in the world would I want to invite my RL friends to a game where I can NOT add them to my Friends List? :rolleyes:

And I can not stop it from returning... It's in every world... Every time I log on... Taunting me... "Go recruit your friends! Ha ha! You can't add them now! Nyah Nyah!" MAKE IT STOP!!!! :eek:


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Now it just tells you to buy nuggets, mission accomplished.

Edit: Never mind, once you tell that one to go away, the next time you log in, it's back to telling you to invite your friends :p


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This is still broken.. I guess I will install the blocker script.. But I don't want to miss real announcement....

Snr Sarg

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Still happening despite the 'fix' supposedly deployed in yesterday's update.

I didn't install the script as it was supposed to be fixed.