Add a report when a player joins via blackboard

Gandalf Greyhame

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Idea title:
Add a report when a player joins your town via blackboard.
Details of idea:
When a player joins your town, you get a report, much like the current one saying " Such and such has accepted the invitation to join your town!", but it would say something like "Such and such has joined your town through the Blackboard."
Visual Aid:
Reasons for submitting:Currently, a player can join and you would not notice for some time. This would make it immediately noticeable when a player had joined.


Great idea Gandalf! Towns are at risk of some serious problems when they use the Blackboard. They should receive a notification of that potential risk and of the opportunity to welcome a new player.


Will be submitted tomorrow with the rest of the ideas. Does not require Voting.


Update: This idea has been submitted without a vote.

Thank you.