A case for Scotland Yard


"India." Replied the prisoner, after some time of strenuous thought. Albert turned away from him, thinking. The prisoner had probably been trying to decide whether telling the DI his place of service would endanger his employer. A possible lead.
Albert stepped outside the cell, calling out to the clerk down along the corridor; "Clerk, could you get someone over to a records office and find out where Corporal Harker here served? Apparently he was in India with the 1st Company, Light Dragoons." Albert turned back to the prisoner. "Now," he began. "You have one last chance to tell me who your employer is before the constable arrives back with the required instruments."


Watching as the Irishman prized off the crates lid Jack stood in stunned silence as he saw the swords nestled in amongst the wood shavings. Taking out one of the swords he carefully examines the blade quickly realising that this was no mere cavalry sabre but a sword destined for the hands of an officer and a very wealthy one at that "You know one of these would cost me a years wages" and then some he silently added as he contemplated taking the blade and selling it, he would get top price for it but even the heavily reduced price would be enough to buy him a permanent residence in a nicer part of London.
After several moments of agonising thought he finally returns the sword with a sigh knowing that he would never get away with such a theft "Well the prince was here but he's long gone now...and whoever hit this place wasn't after money as there’s plenty of that still kicking around in there not to mention these" he said indicating the swords. Somebody was up to something of that much he was certain, nobody bought swords of that quality in those numbers not even her majesty's army "We need to call this in Peadar...I think we're in danger of getting in over our heads here"


"Look at these. Something big is going on here." Peadar took out a sword, and drew it from its sheath. Quite possibly the finest sword he had seen. "Maybe the prince was raising an army." Peadar sheathed the sword. At Jack's suggestion that they call this in, Peadar nodded. "Agreed. There's a police box nearby. Call some constables to guard this warehouse. Tell them to not come inside. I'll deliver this sword to the Yard, maybe get an idea as to who made it."