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Field cooks ASKED (with all their effort) on beta-server forum to adjust numbers on their unique recipe. No changes were made, and now field cooks officially get scammed by Inno one more time. Thanks for not listening to players feedback.
Congrats to other professions, you got interesting tools to craft. We (cookers) will visit you with materials very soon, hope you will help us as usual. Cheers to players, anti-cheers to game devs (sorry game devs, but you deserved it :( )


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I will repeat adequate suggestions from beta here:
- Instead of +15% to product drop rate make at least +25% to product drop rate (+40% is optimal, +15% isn't visible at all if you have any prod.drop set)
- Change 15 uses to 8 hours
- Make craft super-easy (less than 1 hour of farming materials, not related on mince, because it's related on two other professions)

Two out of three suggestions has to be applied to make this recipe worth-crafting, otherwise it will be crafted only to finish quest and forget about it forever.


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anything fixed from beta? or do the daily and repeatable quests still not count for the 0/5 quest token? and 10 adventures won for a daily token quest? There were lots of issues brought up in beta and the only remarks from CM was that they were forwarded to dev.
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Also forgot to ask about the birthday quest that does not continue after the step 'Henry needs all items' His completion remarks say give him some time, but it's been a week in beta and this one still doesn't continue past that point.


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master saddler craft is epic ngl

i dont know a proper use for tonic other than i did 8h of farming at glass of water and am at 0%... maybe for higher level products farming and i'm away from the game every 4 hours and so - stuff like filtered cigarrete, chewing tobacco and sweet base are already good as no one in their sane works under 75% unless 9h of idle work

metal mug ok

15% drop rate isn't worth even the time spent into farming that material, at this point just buy ratatoulie for 24h 50% buff; should be as strong as tax certificate is, compared to grilled fish [buff tax certificate too please], maybe 18 uses and no wages just more products

every profession need a big revamp or else only 3 out ot 40 recipes are worth the while and the others are for display, but they did clean on me boi master saddler with a chunky new buff, good on its on and in comparison with the others - metal mug is ok again

Harriet Oleson

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Usually when IG events are super difficult, they can be ended the next year (even if non repeatable), like the clovers event. And if not playable next year, usually events are finishable by the most. But here, from what I read it seems to be as difficultly finishable as clovers event BUT not finishable next year :
"This event will not be repeatable, which means that 16th Birthday items will not be available to win next year."

More than that, beta players tried this event and concluded it was tough to gather 680 tokens in 3 weeks (cause the duration in beta is 3 weeks) but in regular worlds it's only 2 weeks long, which means same amount of tokens needed for the set but less time and less quests we can complete. I'm a bit worried this event may not be endable without buying tokens at the shop. In any case lots of players won't be able to participate to it (it requires craft level > 300 and from what I understood quests aren't made for low level players) and that's sad for a BIRTHDAY event, to make things so difficult/restrictive while the main point should be to allow as many players as possible to win the celebration prize ...

Also, it'd be good to have access to the list of the daily quests before the event starts, cause if we have only this year to try to win the set, it's important we know in advance the days where there are FF daily quests particularily (knowing we need to dig one day before to have a battle the day where the quest is on). In worlds where there's a battle every day that's not a problem, but it could be a big one in inactive worlds. Same with quests requiring to gather mats, it could be pretty usefull ...
Or if too early to give the details of the quests, maybe someone could at least tell if the first day there's a FF daily quest, and if yes, if a win is needed ?

Lucky Cro

Sooo Cooks get most unusable craft item with this new recipe and at same time is only new item that asks for 2 other crafts assistance?!
Peddler and Smithy get all items needed by their own craft.
Saddler needs peddler to make resin.
But cooks needs saddler and smithy to make mince for new recipe item!

That is so much unfair!

This aint first time cooks are being craft bullied! No other craft asks for 3 of same crafts to make one new item, but cooks do... making compost and needing 3 dough. So any chance in ever cooks will not be craft bullied?!


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I kinda like the idea of this event, good thing a game which turned into manual development mode has still creativity. However I miss the classy.

Good luck collecting stuff ladies and gents.

Victor Kruger

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Happy 16th Birthday

Personally this event id rather stick pins in my eyes than spend time doing crafting jobbing or addys etc in a timeline that frankly is tiresome for logging in all the time to even stand half a chance .. also having multiple worlds for a pretty much useless set just makes it a no thanks two weeks of spring im not wasting so ill pass ... but thats just me. I'll be using it to rob people more likely :-D

Ya'll have a good Bday and maybe next year itll be an event of interest .. but not this one at all.. have a good one.


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no issues of quest yet other than getting enough intrest for all professions to obtain and make their recipes for others to obtain hard to finish questline without all the items henry needs being made avail

Clever Hans

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I didn´t bother to check the stats in detail but what is this new Bday set really useful for?
Horse parts are not giving more speed than Schwarzwald and no one will use it for FFs or product farming either since there are far better sets for that.
Are there any individual part bonuses that can combine well with other items?

Ektoras BOTrini

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Belt and Necktie are good items for XP if you dont have something better that gives more than 20%. Horse set is better in Regeneration that Billy C by 10%. Other than that the set is mediocre but it's good that it's not strong , not all sets have to be strong or OP

Kidd Kalypso

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Belt and Necktie are good items for XP if you dont have something better that gives more than 20%. Horse set is better in Regeneration that Billy C by 10%. Other than that the set is mediocre but it's good that it's not strong , not all sets have to be strong or OP
It is better in regeneration, but you lose a helluva lot of hp using it....I would not personally bother, unless you don't have a Billy C. or Santa horse set.