1. criminus

    Updates Items, Sets

    Howdy! The following items were added to the wiki: Smiling pumpkin Showing its teeth pumpkin Lying on its side pumpkin Scary pumpkin Rotten pumpkin Pumpkin collection card Pumpkin gift Kind regards, Criminus
  2. Tortojcla

    New 150+ Level Shop Items

    Hello and good day everyone both playing and developing The West. I have an interesting question regarding recently implemented increased level cap. Is there going to be new items pack for Tailor, Gunsmith and General Store, and is there any chance that fort battle weapons from shops could get...
  3. Tortojcla


    Alright folks, I haven't seen many of you complaining about the problem they recently made. In fact, I haven't seen anyone trying to do something about it. First of all, your adaptation of old items to the new skill per level system is more than bad, catastrophic to be exact, and second, some of...
  4. Tortojcla


    Dear The West players, I know many of you and I know that many of you have been through a lot if not all the changest InnoGames did to the game since the release. And I, as a 10 year old player can't stay silent about looking at more and more disbalance they make. As an example just take a look...