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  1. lulumcnoob

    New Adventures statistics don't show on player profiles

    Affected worlds: All Browser: confirmed on Firefox and Chrome without scripts Type of Bug: Other Description: Adventure statistics, such as "Adventures completed" and "wins", don't show on player profiles.
  2. Adventures

    I am new to the game. I dont know how good these suggestions are. I dont see adventures are very poorly handiled. 1) people quits the adventures 2) very few willing to play adventures. my main suggestions are 1) if people quit they should be fined an amount, not big might be 50 or 100 2)...
  3. Hypnosis

    Save adventures

    Please, save adventures, because now they have some problems: №1. Shared victory. Few old players try to always get shared victory (when the score is 35-35). a) Needless to say it kills all competition as one side need to lose some points intentionally b) and If a new player just want to play...
  4. NEW.proposal to bring the adventures back

    NAME SUGGESTION: proposal to bring the adventures back on a par with all the possibilities offered by the-west to play (Forts / xp / duels ...) DESCRIPTION TIP: At the moment, even in the newest world the -west (this means that the rest is not even a problem to be better) the adventures become...