NEW.proposal to bring the adventures back


NAME SUGGESTION: proposal to bring the adventures back on a par with all the possibilities offered by the-west to play (Forts / xp / duels ...)

DESCRIPTION TIP: At the moment, even in the newest world the -west (this means that the rest is not even a problem to be better) the adventures become more and more inferior in terms of benefits and reasons to play 1. The only benefit of the adventures (apart from the fun) was the loot chest, which was bought by all categories of games, either for the outlaw weapon (which has been clearly removed from anyone's wishes since the luccul appeared) or for a bonus of 25% xp. Now that no one buys a chest with loot, that there is absolutely no need for it at all, there must be something new that will attract us to enter and play there.
I have some suggestions, maybe I'll give you new ideas (when choosing the admin than the chosen one, the most correct or even another idea in case you want the evolution in terms of adventures)

-a special chest that can be purchased with a custom number (VeternPoints) containing all the actionable weapons of the fort (as in the end the key to adventures is the weapon of the fort, we should be able to take it from there) Benefit: Number of players adventures can even be doubled would enter the world that plays only for forts.

-a chest containing write weapons, the venomous snake at a very small percentage to fall, can be a small attraction to adventures (but not too big)

-Letters with OUPs that can be bought with veteran points (ex: 6000 veteran points = 100oups, this is an example, we did not analyze the differences) Benefits: The number of adventure players can explode because the world will always play with 1- 2 months before events to gather)

-When you added Lassoul Luccile the rifle that represents the adventures has simply become a zero. her reappearance in the game +3/4/5 ... to fight that lasso and to show a real adventure player.

These are my tips, I hope they are useful.


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If they're going to improve addy, open up the other two sites like they said they were going to do... when was it, "by the end of 2020"?

Goober Pyle

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Here's what should be a relatively simple to implement idea that mixes things up to make strategy less predictable, while balancing out the OP weapons and the noobs making it less about who lands a gringo on their side:

Make movement speed proportional to strength of gear (i.e. average damage plus total APs plus total attack plus total damage)
A noob with no gear moves 9, while a kitted out gringo moves only 3, and more typical gear moves 4-6. The strongest players can choose to game their A/D gear to get an extra bit of movement, while the noobs would have a lot more survivability and skilled low-level min-gear players would bring a lot of value to the team.

I can come up with a more specific formula to present if there is appetite

Killer Bonnie

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You already get a bond a day for doing adventures if you are on the team that wins. It is in the tiny notepad dailys by your profile pic scroll down its hidden. You get a bond for each of those completed each day when server time changes. Perhaps making it play a adventure daily for a bond instead of win a adventure would help.
Union and some of the other guns in there are very difficult to play against especially if leveled up to 5^. And just what is the best gear to play adventures in? (without it being leveled up ) Tatanka? Outlaw ? Boatswain? Lucille ? How should we be gearing up ? (clothes ride guns) I mean of course for those that will never have Union or Gringo and probably never anything upgraded. I am asking what is sensible combos it is important to try to dress / equip correctly. Getting a decent gun I think may have been the most difficult for me when I was new. and As far as I know I may still not have decent enough gear. Outlaw is what comes out of the loot chest if outlaw is soo outdated now then the loot chest should be updated to drop set items to be used in adventures. or make outlaw improved a lot. and some of the pieces are soo rare to drop ( I still dont have the horse or knife to complete the set)

I dont think the number of players necessarily needs to be more. Adventures is across worlds meaning you play in there with people on different servers. but You can still wait hours just for the game to find 6 signing up. and then some quit in the lobby when they see who is playing and then one could wait more hours again just for 6 to get it going. but I have also seen times not very often that there was more than 6 in the playing field durring a event.

And Yes Please on bringing back Poker. It looks like it was fun I have only read about it.

Mrs Sam COlt

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The rewards you can earn from adventures are great, IF you are level 1-50. After that, the dueler, outlaw, and dalton set are outclassed by other sets available in the regular game.
I have reduced my play of that game to once a day, from the 8 or more a day I played when I was low level. At levels above 50, the rewards are lousy, at levels above 75, they are pathetic.