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Old 18.12.12, 17:29
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Default Special Event: Christmas Tombola


It is finally here! A chance to gain some cool new item sets as well as some other cool goodies. On Thursday, 20.12.2012 a special Christmas event will be launch, the Christmas Tombola!

Where can I find this event?
At 00:00 server time, a glowing gift icon will appear on the top left of the interface, right beside the notification bar. After clicking on the icon a window will open that shows a Christmas room. This is where the new Christmas event will take place.
The event will end on Sunday, 06.01.2013.

How does this event work?
Every day you have 1 free opportunity to play. After that it will cost you either 20 Nuggets or 20 bonds to play and the number of plays per day is not limited. Each time you play you get rewarded with an item which can be a chocolate cookie, a new set item or a premium chest, depending on your luck. Each item that you can get as a reward has a specific "drop chance" that varies from very little to likely, altogether there more than 56 items in the pool.
Depending on their drop chance, the items are grouped in categories: Common (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare (purple) and Very Rare (yellow).
You can see all the items and all the categories by clicking on the "Info" button in the popup that is shown after clicking on "(Free) Play".

You can also improve the chance of getting a rare item by spending extra nuggets. By paying extra nuggets you can exclude items in certain categories in the item pool.
For example: By paying 25 nuggets you can exclude all common items and you are guaranteed to get an uncommon, rare or very rare item.
You can always see which items are left in the drop pool by clicking on the Info button or the colored boxes.

After clicking on "Start" the system will calculate your item reward and show it after a few seconds (or after you clicked in the window). The background color in the popup informs you about the category the item comes from. "Common" items have a grey background, "Very rare" items are highlighted yellow.

On the bottom left of the window you can find a round counter. The count shows your number of plays and the number of plays of the player with the most plays on your world.
At the end of the event, the player with the most plays on each world will get all three new item sets as a special reward for free.

What can I win?
There are lots of cool rewards and the best thing is: Each round leads to a win!
In the Common category you will find a lot of consumable items that boost your energy, motivation or can give you free premium days.
The Uncommon category contains item chests and boxes as well as some new cool set items.
A lot more new set items and valuable item boxes are part of the Rare category.
In the Very rare there are category boxes with all items of one new set, the premium chest, an envelope with 1000 bonds and a lot of new weapons that also form their own sets.

There are three new cloth sets and three new item sets.

Allen Quatermain's full clothing set bonus:

+50% item drop chance
+20 Charisma
+35 Trading
+30 Fine motor skills
+10 Setting traps
+10 Hiding

The bonus for AQ's full weapon set is:
+100 Labor points

Chingachgook's full clothing set bonus:

+50% Speed
+20 Charisma
+25 Health
+20 Dodging
+20 Aim
+10 Tactics
+10 Appearance

The bonus for Chingachgook's full weapon set is:
+20% Energy regeneration

Natty Bumppo's full clothing set bonus:

+3 Defense (Fort battle bonus)
+3 Offense (Fort battle bonus)
+20 Strength
+35 Leadership
+30 Health
+10 Hiding
+10 Stamina

The bonus for NB's full weapon set is:
+30 damage (Fort battle sector bonus)

Please note, playing the Christmas Tombola is done at your own risk. Under no circumstances are we able to refund a player on any undesired items gained from this event.

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