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Default Version 2.04 Changelog


I bring some great news on our well anticipated 2.04 release. We can expect this release on Thursday the 23rd of May 2013.

Very important: Due to the large amounts of changes made to the quests and job system, all accepted quests and current queued jobs that are running while the update goes through will be cancelled. This means, if you have open quests where you have fulfilled some requirements , for instance, where you need to do specific jobs x amount of times will be lost. All queue items your character is working on will be cancelled when the update goes through on Thursday. With that motivations will also be reset to 100%. Once we are on version 2.04, we are not able to reinstate lost quests or queued items or reimburse on lost energy and buffs.

Main features
  • Job system improvements
    After reading and discussing all of the feedback from our communities, we've decided to change the job system once again. Now there will be three different job times available, jobs can be unlocked either via level or via labour points and the job window itself is now totally reworked and very shiny.
  • Quest Tracker
    Quests can be marked for the quest tracker in the quest book. The status of the marked quests will be shown on the quest tracker directly on the interface. Furthermore, jobs that are needed for quests in the quest tracker will be highlighted on the map.
  • Notebook
    In the second tab of the Quest tracker window you will find a notebook that allows you to save notes. All BB-Codes can be used in this feature. Both the quest tracker and/or the notebook can be deactivated in the Settings menu.
  • Cloth calculator now includes set bonuses and other item bonuses
    Now finally, the cloth calculator in the job windows includes all bonuses, including set bonuses to it's calculations.
  • Characters are not deleted due of inactivity but just hidden from the world.

Features and improvements
  • New login bonus available.
  • New level up display that also shows newly unlocked jobs upon each level up.
  • Passing out on a job doesn't protect you from duels anymore. The 48 hour duel protection has been removed from this specific KO type.
  • Crafting is instant now - the 5 minute craft time has been removed.
  • Additional friend invite rewards are given out for each invited friend that reaches level 10 (10 bonds).
  • Updates taskbar (Now shows all open game windows, can be deactivated in the settings).
  • Improved telegram window screen design with expandable text area.
  • Duel animation is now shown for NPC duels.
  • Consumables in the inventory are highlighted by a consumable icon.
  • Improved world selection screen.
  • New achievement animation.
  • Improved achievement screen.
  • Map marker mode is deactivated after clicking on the marker button again.
  • Facebook 'Like' reminder appears at level 20.
  • Chat user list improvements have been made.
  • Market auction countdown is better displayed now.
  • Added extra information when you use a buff which explains that the buff is removed the moment you start a task.
  • Money transfer for non email-confirmed accounts are blocked (Not applicable on .net).
  • New previous and next buttons display in the report window.
  • Fort names in Fort battle overview can be copied now.
  • Chat window doesn't put itself into foreground when you mouseover the chat area.
  • Improved duel animation.
  • Reports: Facebook share button moved to better place.
  • Units for statistics added.
  • Bookmark page reminder appears at level 20.
  • Replaced starter buff with greenhorn bonus (This bonus is only available until level 10!).
  • Less points are now needed for the last friendship level.
  • It is easier for invited friends to join a player's world.
  • New tutorial completion graphic has been added.
  • Tutorial hint texts for some steps have been added.
  • Saloon highlights after the tutorial is finished.
  • Fog of war in the tutorial has been added.
  • Text adjustments of some quest requirements.
  • Better icons for shared fort battle reports on Facebook.
  • The job motivation is always set back to 100% during the night.

  • Link in friend request report should open the "requests" tab of the friends window now.
  • Re-login into maneuvers was impossible after getting kicked out. It is now possible.
  • If title+nickname is too long, town member list is bugged. This is fixed.
  • Correct numbers are now shown in the item counter graphic for fort stocks.
  • No information in the chat window when you (un-)ignore a player.
  • Invite in town via email didn't work.
  • Quest hint texts are not showing up in quest book.
  • Glass of water doesn't disappear from your equipped items after finding a loaf of bread for quest 815 "Charlie (Supplies)".
  • Fort ranks - window didn't auto close anymore.
  • Achievement percentage sometimes said 99% instead of 100%.
  • Progress bar for daily activities was missing.
  • Quest text scrolling problems fixed.
  • Graphic problem in duel report if you are sleeping.
  • Tooltip of linked items in the town forum lies under the frame border.
  • Tonic peddler's bag - Iron, Hammers and Cards have been removed.
  • Telegram sorting problems have been fixed.
  • One fort battle sector was shown incorrectly.
  • Bonuses from crafting are not shown to other users anymore.
  • Missing town name from market report.
  • Stone is not dropping from Beginner's bag anymore.
  • Markers aren't linked anymore if you use more than one in a row.
  • Rewards for quest 867 "Help for father Brown (The Trevisano's memento)" didn't fit in one row correctly.
  • Small improvement of the "item used" popup.
  • Many translation fixes.
  • Many map bugfixes.

We do hope that you enjoy the new changes coming with 2.04!

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