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Kidd Kalypso

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And yeah I'm years off a really good hoarders inventory. But hard to get such an expansive inventory while the world dies: no sellers for cheap products on market so gotta self farm and no items on market either.
Not to mention that collections have been screwed for a long time with items that can not be sold.


So why are some items on the west not able to sell while others are? Is it because Inno is afraid that people will push the market again? How much does a person use an item that is not cannot be sold?


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How I love fanboys, has to be the most slow-witted bunch of people on the planet. They're not even fun to laugh at, it's just plain sad. Anyways it wouldn't be any problem what so ever with a sale like this if, as CrOoKedSmiLE and cl4udioo2 mentioned before, InnoGames actually cared about the game and this was just one way to keep financing the development of the game. The problem is simply that it isn't. Pretty much all new content that gets added to the game nowadays is bad quests that's often bugged, new sets through tombolas and the occasional update to some game feature that didn't even need a change in the first place.

That's all pretty laughable changes considering that the servers are still awful, the dueling system is just plain dumb, the quests introduced are bugged most of the time, tombolas exists and adventures are still unbalanced.