Zero Motivation Duelers

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Motivation has nothing to do with how much money you get.
It didn't, but could they have possibly made a fairly big change like that without announcing it? I don't see why 7silverhawk7 would lie about his little experiment.


I'm not suggesting he is lying. I don't think the Devs would intentionally make a huge change like that without notifying the community. If cash earned from duels is tied into motivation now it is most likely a bug. At least I hope they wouldn't make a change like that without an announcement. Seeing as they have been very good with giving us updated changes well in advance before they occur I am leaning towards bug.

king david

Is there a random factor involved in money won in a duel? Could just have been a string of bad luck with randomness.


We won't know anything until the devs get back to us. We have asked them to look into the situation again.


michael200104 Today at 4:55 PM lol its all good you can keep the $3 ;)
I do believe they changed some of the dueling stuff around cause I was carrying just over $100 when you got to me
7silverhawk7 On 8/18/09 at 7:11 PM Sorry to bother you(and for dueling you),.. I am testing something out. I use to make alot of money when dueling with low motivation, but now it seems that I don't make anything. I made $3 from dueling you. Did you only have $9-11? I think they changed something. Thanks!
BTW--- I will not duel you anymore. I can give you back your $3 too if you want.