Passed Your own mortician stats

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Deleted previous images and Putted all ideas together. Just look at the pictures :)

1st picture- Town statistics.

2nd picture- Your statistics. Your dueling statistics, best hits, biggest hauls, etc..

3rd picture- Town mortician log. There you can see, who dueled your town members and who of your town members dueled enemies.
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Timo 6

Cool. Most experience as well as well as biggest haul? The mock up seem taller than current pages so perhaps put it in the mortician and keep the Character page the same? Add another column to the table already there and add the new stats.


Maybe also with current dueling rank/highest dueling rank achieved?

Timo 6

what experience? Fair enough. What do think of putting it in mortician. I might do mock up my self, but I'm suppose to be doing homework lol.


Well it could be in mortician or even a sidebar tab on the main screen.


Yeah, that is what he meant. Oh, maybe in addition to biggest haul it could keep track of the total of your hauls. So you can see exactly how much money you have made to date dueling.

Timo 6

I think that he meant the biggest exp you have received from duel:
FraGment1337 wins the duel, gains 159 experience points and steals $63 from Elundial.
I was asked if you had you meant you had forgotten to put experience in mock up.


If it hasn't been suggested, I guess everyone who thought of it (including myself) never bothered. Anyway...good idea.


It does seem like one of those ideas where you can't believe no one suggested it before.
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