Your New CM


The West Team
Community Manager
Hello everybody.

As some of you might know, Kuro have decided to step down from the job as your Community Manager here on The West.

This leads me to announce with this post.
HI :-D

I am Hr.Nyborg your new Community Manager. I will do my very best to take over from Kuro, and i am very happy to be able to get this chance to try out this position.
I am 36 years young and from Denmark. I have played The west on and off since the beginning, but from a year ago when the Danish marked needed a new CM i have been interested in the game again. At the moment i am helping with the wiki pages for the Danish version and therefore have a good long running knowledge of the game, that i always like to share with new players as well as long time players :)

From 2019 i have been part of the Innogames family in Denmark, where i have been working at Forge Of Empires, more or less in all position. So i know my way around the admin tools and have always found it lovely to help you the players. So when i saw this position being available i thought this was my chance. And sure enough here i am ;-)

I can only imagine it will be a great deal to take over for Kuro, but he has promised me to stick around and help with all my questions. Plus the team in it self stays as you know it. So not everything will change ;-)
I look forward to play, talk, interact and be part of The West international community and hope you all will take your newest CM with you in your daily game play and interaction.

Yours sincerely:

Community Manager - The West International