your least favorite job


Prison Guard

Other jobs with a 1-2% chance of finding the product have been no problem, I have plenty of note part two and have found plenty of union jack flags but getting those damn handcuffs is near impossible!
I found my only two pair of handcuffs on w6...and they were on the same 2-hour job.


same here 3 weeks iv being trying to get handcuffs im kicking myself for selling them:sad:


i know what will happen when i do get some, il do prison guard again and il get handcuffs every time i do the job, coss i need em for a quest it aint gonna be easy and iv run out of swear words :mad:


I found my only two pair of handcuffs on w6...and they were on the same 2-hour job.
ive found 4 pairs of handcuffs on world 9, so i would have 5 total if i didnt turn 1 in for the quest.


I hate mostly the Barbed Wire thing, thats so annoying when you need a lot for that fort.

But then again, I kinda hate all high-luck jobs, from Selling guns to indians, Chasing Bandits, Grave Robber etc because they all should give me some day a Walking Stick and no job never ever did.

So I hate all jobs for not giving me that &*%$(*)(## Walking Stick !

Red Falcon

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My two least favorite jobs are tending pigs and mucking out the stables. Not only are they both "Dirty Jobs", but they both offer little to no reward and for mucking out the stables, getting that pitchfork can be quite difficult, even when doing the job for two hours straight! And about the handcuffs, I sold mine, but my younger brother kept his and soon, he will get ahead of me as far as quests go, unless I can get that damned pitchfork from mucking out the stables. If I get it, then I can take full advantage of my farmer's set and I can get those toolboxes that so many quests are asking for!