Your Favourite Forum?

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Favourite Forum

  • Community

    Votes: 19 47.5%
  • Game Worlds

    Votes: 4 10.0%
  • The West Forum(S)

    Votes: 17 42.5%

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The West is the only one that really matters. The Community boards get old. I never spent much time in the world boards even when I had time for them. They're all pretty much identical, although worlds that are divisible by 3 seem to have more drama than the others for some reason.

king david

I enjoy the Community/Saloon. The World forums I don't bother with as much, except for town recruitment which is actually hard to recruit after a World has been established for 2 months.

Also, I think it would help if we set up a Quest sub forum under Community to separate those help questions.


Technically, the west forums are winning 9-7 because cro voted by mistake.


well, i have fun with Community and have info with The West Forum(S)


I declare this poll rigged :p

No seriously. Someone who likes West Forums may not like Community Forums and won't read them, meaning they can't vote here :)