Your Favorite Items?


I know most people will probably have more than one favorite in each item group, but what are some of your most favorite items? Favorite weapon? Favorite Hat? Favorite shoes? etc.

Weapon: Precise Schofield. Love the look.
Neckband: Blue shawl. Looks great and +3 dexerity!
Headwear: Brown Stetson. + 12 dodging!
Clothing: Clint's Poncho. Not the best. But very useful & easy to get.
Shoes: I have to say I'm quite impressed with the usefulness of the Fancy Worker Shoes.




I like this item and carry it in my free hand a lot;
but why is dynamite considered "ammunition"?
Guess dynamite was used in the Old West like grenades are today?

So ... i have a question for the Saloon Forum:
how do i ignite this dynamite in your town?


My favorites are

The fancy felt hat
the golden buffalo / black shawl
the black coat
the black boots

Guns it's a toss up between Precise Schofield and Precise Peacemaker. The buntline is sexy it just reminds me of how badly I want the 'fancy' buntline, and makes me wonder how much more labor i need ambushing stagecoaches to get it.

the black coat and black boots - how awesome. I love tactics and I love shooting and they're the best of both worlds.

The fancy felt hat is the best dueling hat (arguably) and with the other black equipment it's sexy.

as for products

Well anyone who sees me on world 3 would know I like the Indian treasure the best.


I like these among my items:

They protect me from the enemy's weapons.


I have fancy shirt on both my best duelers haha. Clint's poncho is also good


For shooter: brown boots, fancy felt hat, Earl Wyatt's Buntline (i tink), black bow (arguably shawls if attacking) and fancy waistcoat :)


I prefer mine.

We, uh, we called that the stinger. They, they don't let you use that no more