You goin' to w6?

Dirty rotten Billy

What exactly will this new event intail ? going on the annoucement it's abit cloudy.

Below me

A little info would be nice now that i am about to pick a character class.

We all know soldiers are better ! But this is not a normal world and i will not bother with jobs mutch so dueling will pretty mutch be my only source of xp and there by i was thinking about picking a duelerer for the added duel motivation.

But then if houge bountys will be constantly put on our heads the soldier bonuses far outways the duel motivation.

So what would you recomend soldier or duelerer ?
Since we have no clue what the game plan is ?

Lord Regal

The West Team
I can agree with Desi and Futur...this event is very well planned out, and even though it hasn't started yet, I can tell it's going to be a blast to take part in. Heck, I'm excited NOW and it isn't starting for a while yet haha.


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If you do not join in the event you will surely miss out on something fun, you will not be disappointed in this event. Also, it's not very hard to manage a few worlds, I play on 7 worlds right now. Only a few of the worlds am I really committed too though.


Why not? Get to join in the fun. Noboby knows how it is going to finish.
I can tell you now, without giving away any details that this thing is pretty well organised.

And what if it does finish? You still had loads of fun. I know i will.
because im a pessimist. i joined w4 and busted my butt to level to actually get some battles in, and now its a battle every other day kinda world. not interested in doing the same again.

reviving an old world for a few months isnt reviving, its a temp fix like duct tape

Desi Boukerse

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To bad. But then again, who needs a pessimist?
We are going to have loads of fun anyway.

And your statement about this being a thing for a few months isn't based on anything either.

Good Feather

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At least from the sound of it it sounds like this GM event is different as the GM's will be focused primarily on dueling and not entirely focused on Fort battles as they were in W4GM.

It sounds neat from the perspective that the people who always get bullied could now take a stand and let someone else take the heat for when they are bullied. Duelers could have someone to actually go toe to toe with.


and it is something quite different.... the west ramped up and given a twist! for all those who know this game very well and like to do/collect all there is to do and collect - this is a rare opportunity :p


Tell you what if there is a possibility of making these events routine and regular on all world (meaning AI run on a regular basis) and you guys just want to test the stuff out,ill head to world 6 and participate.

Sorry to be so picky I read the description and it looks neat,it sounds fun but i prefer these things be a feature (part of the automated game) instead.


Game Mastered events aren't for everyone, but a lot of players like human interaction and the unpredictability presented by experienced players. I'm not going to try and sell you on it. As it is, there's plenty going on in the games, with the new features, but many players have shown interest in having more, and thus we present Game Mastered events.

The first event, the one that was run on world 4, was a pilot project initiated by the previous CM, and for which I adopted when I took over. It was marginally successful, but had some inherent design flaws. In contrast, this is not a pilot project. We took the lessons, the lumps, and created "Scoundrels." I, along with my staff, spent considerable time working out the details to ensure a low maintenance, high output event that will be powered by fun rather than work. This is part of the enthusiasm you see in the staff, and it's not contrived.

The design here centers around the fun aspects of the game, harnessing features that people love to participate in and providing options for players to wield us like a weapon against their adversaries whilst simultaneously pummeling us for bounty. All the while you know, you're attacking NPCs run by staff members that "want" you to attack them. It's fun for you and it's fun for them.

So yes, this differs significantly from the World 4 event. But, like I said, it's all about what you want out of the game. No pressure, no expectations. Just think of the Scoundrels as a coin-operated tornado. :shootout::tumble:


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If all else fails to convince you to join, think about it this way - you get to beat up on the staff members :D Only problem is, you don't know which one you're beating up on...


I was actually thinking about respeccing for dueling and getting active on w6, since I got my first golden Colt there.


World 6 is going to become a really fun world, it's worth getting active in.


For the record, this will be a staff-managed event. We will not require any player volunteers. Staff will manage all things, players can play and react to whatever comes their way, or make things happen if they so deem.

Desi Boukerse

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Hope it starts soon.. got my character ready.
Now taking names.. Kicking ass will follow..
After that, it will be the other way around.

Come on people you still have some time to join and get your character up to a nice level to participate