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I've really been neglecting the digital side of the artsy world lately, and this is my way of correcting that. You can request pretty much anything, signatures, avatars and even wallpapers (although that last one might take longer for me to finish).
I am mostly a paper and pencil kinda person, but I do dabble (and then some) with various programs.
If you want to know what you're getting yourself into, here's my (now inactive, granted)Deviantart.
Just provide the size, theme and color scheme of whatever it is you want. If you have stock photos you want me to use, go ahead and link 'em.
And lastly, I do work like up to 100 hours a week, so there might (EDIT: WILL) be (EDIT: possibly gargantuan) delays.
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I'm looking for a new and white with red lettering the rest I'll leave up to you and whatever time frame works.Questions messg me I'll get back quickly.


@Hellstromm Thanks mate. I really ought to update that some time in the future.

@infiniti99 You said black and white, I might have taken that a tad bit too literal. It's just when I hear that, my mind goes into a specific artsy corner, and won't budge. ^^
I drew it on the tablet, and hope you like it. If it simply isn't your thing (ie. it's too simple), just let me know and I'll whip up something different.


Need a siggy and an avvy!

Theme: Old western gunfights...with a futuristic the new movie Cowboys & Aliens...
Text: coolrajesh256
text 2: one crazy kid....
Size: 700*120

John Cena 619

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Well.....nice shop bro...but if you can also make a wallpaper, then i want one.

In the rain, in dark, in the forests, a spartan, in blood is coming back from a war with dead bodies laid around. He has a flag in his hand on which there is a spartan symbol(there are many symbols. take any nice one) his sword is red with blood. And I don't want any texts.

If you make that for me, you will be the best graphic designer i have ever met.

Good Luck with your other works too!
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@coolrajesh256 Can do, but probably not before friday. 'Bit swamped at the moment.

@John Cena 619 That's.... very specific, hehe. It seems like it would require quite a bit of work, but if I find the time, I'll try my best. Making it all from scratch, which I admit, I definitely prefer, could easily take me weeks, so I would probably have to make a personal compromise and use stock photos :). Oh, and what resolution are you after?

@Cryptical Whenever possible, aye. Sometimes making it all with the help of various software is easier and better, but I do use my tablet in most of my work. And about 98% of my actual art is purely done on paper (and the occasional canvas when painting ^^).


Kamilla, I could make that wallpaper for John if it would take you too long.

Do you color in with pencil on the paper or do you use a software for it?


The stuff I do color, I do with software. Crayons will only get you so far :p

And sure, go ahead ^^ I wouldn't be able to finish it any time soon.


I'm currently working on a new signature for myself..

I'll get to it tomorrow.

John Cena 619

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hey Kamilla. Take your time. I can wait as long as you want. And I forgot to post my resolution. It is 1024 x 800


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a sig. that isn't too simple with a cool looking snake in it with a dark look to it and tied to my name

thanks in advance for any help

Hummer Madness

I would like a sig Basically the render should e a Hummer and i would like the size to be 500x200 pixels