Xmas bags


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I already heard many asking about xmas-bags. Will they come this year too and, if so, when?
Or is this a secret? ;)
"Christmas" bags, if they're real, I can guess they'll be available this Christmas (Maybe a few days before). It would be pretty silly if they'd release the Christmas bags during the Easter.

Chief Thunderbird

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I never could have thought myself they'd be out on xmas... :hmf:

Whenelse then? Stupid answer. If you don't know better say nothing.

I wanted to know if they come again and if, when then. Try to read.


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As long as it isn't officially announced, you're not getting any information from us. You'll have to wait for an announcement.


According to current beta information:

Christmas bags will contain items from these year events (Thanksgiving, Easter,Oktoberfest), similar as they did last year.

Plus new set Ghosts of Christmas will be released. Nothing special imho, something like Easter or Octoberfest sets.


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I recently came back from hiatus so I find it really interesting to get a chance to get items from sets I've missed :D

Big John1970

Quick question. I am a collector and would like to buy all of the stuff I have missed - except this year, I can't afford it. Will all of the stuff be available NEXT year too, or will the 'catch-up' bags be for this year only?

William Bresnaham

There is no way of knowing for sure what they will do next year.

This year there is a bag for 2013 and a bag for 2014.

I think it is likely they will repeat this promo next year and add a bag for the new items that come out in 2015. Probably all depends on how profitable this years promotion is for Inno.

Big John1970

Hmmm. I hope they do repeat it next year. I hate not being able to complete my collections. I have bits and bobs of different sets. Would love to be able to complete them all. :)

Big John1970

Which world you playing this?
Only play on World 1.
Haven't got much in the way of cash, either in RL or in-game, so will have to wait until next year.