Writing Contest Oct 8 - Oct 21


Theme: What The West has taught me

Content: Write an essay on what real life or imaginary skills you have learned from playing The West.

Rules: (subject to change)

  1. One submission per forum member
  2. Must have a title. The title will appear in the voting poll.
  3. No links
  4. Once submitted you have one hour to edit your essay.
  5. All forum rules apply. Any submissions that break the rules will be deleted. No exceptions.
Submissions: Contest runs from October 8 - October 21. You may post your submissions in this thread through October 21st. Late submissions will not be admissible.

Winners: A winner will be determined by forum members through voting poll. The poll will run for one week (October 22 - October 29).

Wining essat will be posted in 'The Broken Saddle', The West.net's official newspaper.

This thread is for submissions only.
Anything else will be deleted and/or infracted.