Writing Contest August 8 - August 22

David Schofield

Can We vote for ourselves? I don't think we should be able to vote for ourselves, it just seems so mean!

Dissalow people from voting for themselves.

David Schofield

Oh, well, I hope that everyone who participated votes for someone other than themselves, it just would be such a nice thing to do!

David Schofield

Oh, To those who haven't posted yet, you can always write better after you've seen a Western movie quite often, Say, Lonesome Dove or Good Bad and the Ugly. The Descriptive language, Native Cowboy Grammar and your own descriptions of the Visual Images from the movies can always give you good ideas when writing. I hope more of ya come in and post your stories!


Last day for the contest. I have to work 14 hours today/tonight so I'll be sleeping in tomorrow. Not sure when I'll get the poll up to vote for the winner. Might be after work or may not be til late tomorrow night. Don't freak out if it isn't up first thing in the morning. :D