New wreath gathering bug?


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Affected worlds: (colorado, not tried w11 yet)
Browser: (safari 10.0(10602., chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 (64-bit))

Type of Bug:
  • Job

not sure screen clips will help here. I decided to move a few points over from strength to charisma, along with using the new lucky clasp, giving labour points in any job. i also bought another buff along with using a host of buffs i already had, all linearly of course. the job involved is freeing slaves and my labour points ranged from about 50 points to about 100 points in the black. in all i was expecting to gain something in my 15 second jobs in the quest for wreaths, but alas the 30 to 40 jobs over a few days all gave nothing at all in drops. in the midst of these jobs I did a few more of the jobs to gain a few more of the peace flowers, which were successful, before I tried again. ok the first clasp i used was when i had negative points to start with and i also used a 150 point 10 job buff in that first try with no success. the second try was with points moved to gain black before i started and then buffs added. not a thing came my way at all.

I am now questioning the validity of the clasp, in the same way I had issues with the mojo some time back when I was trying to gain my golden sabre and it required certain strength, which the buff said was there but the job said was not. that issue was used by inno as a way to test and they found the same issue. is this a similar bug?

I have nor sent a ticket in as I never have yet got an answer to any of my questions that way, which I think inno needs to address. I have had curtesy contacts from some moderators on the issue of inno replies on fix or not before now but nothing official from inno on the issues involved. hence my posting here, in the vain hope i can get some replies on this issue.

I have already hard refreshed my browser.
I have already consulted the Bugs FAQ.
I have searched if the bug has been reported before.
If applicable, I have tried disabling all browsers addons, userscripts and extensions (of which I have none)


The West Team
There is no bug in collecting the wreaths, the chance is quite low though and make sure you have a peace flower equipped when you do the job, that is necessary to find the item.


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well looks like this will have to wait until i am level 150 or gain skill points i can use differently to my normal choice. i may buy more buffs but it gets expensive, and the more i have to use bonds the less likely i am going to like it. i already have a number of quests on hold due to required jobs or activities being hard to do, including adventures with their bugs.

Kidd Kalypso

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Not sure what the issue is can always find the peace flower from somewhere, and just spam the job.


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Yeah, while i understand your frustration, I also am an avid quester and the difficulties do sometimes make them more enjoyable than those questlines where we can just power through really quickly. Additionally, for those of us who were around in the v1.0 experienced a time where you had to reskill to do jobs completely anyways - so doing quests like Charlie, Animal spirits and golden treasure often meant a full reskill; be thankful you're doing these in v2.0 :p

in any case just take them as they come and don't try and rush through the quests - they're limited anyways.


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just to update here .. i have no issue with time spent doing things I was just questioning the fact that the wreath did not drop in over 50 jobs, with skill points in the black, using the new clasp buff. the thing is I am hoping they did a better job of testing the clasp out before release than they did with mojo is all. I do remember the moderator getting back and confirming the bug on the mojo thing after testing on my character, with my full permission, after I failed to get anywhere with the straightening the bent metal job for my golden sabre. I also made sure i left the character doing nothing for at least an hour after for the buff to go away in the same way it had before the moderator got back and did the test. I figured then that i was not going to try to take advantage of the bug and I am not interested now of any advantages. I prefer my game to be as i play it not adjusted to help, unless it is there for all like silver and gold jobs.