Wpc 002 - Entries


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Welcome to Western* Photoshop Competition 002!

*By western, we mean that it is held on The West forum. The actual entries do not have to be western based.

Week 2's Competition is:


The rules are simple. You must use some or all of the green dinosaur from the picture below. BUT, you must not use any of the background. You must lift the dinosaur and use it in another picture.

Again, competition ends next Monday 12pm server time. Good luck.

Here is the picture:

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The first round is still being voted on :)

Excellent work Phiney, as usual!

Angel that's strange, but good!


Quick and dirty...Reservoir Dino

I need to do something about that brick, lol.
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Folks may be having a hard time coming up with original ideas. I know my first two ideas I had bombed on me due to manipulation problems.

the Masked Mole man

Oh noes! I'm missing out on this one! Power... draining... Need-work....teh artz! need to defeat ... evil ... lord... pixelator! save world!

(translation for those not versed in the wonderfull art of the mental mole: "Nearly missed it. When is the deadline?")