Worst Injury While Working

Fire Hunt

That Beaver !!! :mad:
I got it !
Then skinned it and gave it to my wife as a back pack !
That Beast needs training to attack enemy forts lol its evil ! :laugh:
1 Bad Beast. :laugh:
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900 damage! i have 4 lp and after 12 hours(not finding a single stick of dynamite) my worst (and only) hit was 86.

is that 1800 one real? seriously!


well the worst one you can have is transporting ammunition, i got blown up by dynamite for -900 health, instant KO!!!! be careful out there cowboys!


you cut your self with your knive. NOTE- I do not know how much health points i lost


Worst Injury

BOOOM! You lose 605 health points.

Transport Ammunition seems to a tricky one....:blink:


fire fighter:
you suffer smoke inhalation you lose 150 health points all for 1 document wtf??


this was my first time transporting ammunition
BOOOM! You lose 771 health points.
this was my third time transporting ammunition
BOOOM! You lose 473 health points.


You fall in the water, you lose 1800 health points.
Your health points dropped to 0. You passed out and therefore you will receive no money and no experience points for this job. When you wake up you find yourself in a hotel room. During the accident you must have lost all of the money you had with you. You feel exhausted, all you need is sleep.

how did that hapen?!:sad::sad:
it is fake and it is from building a brige


Branding cattle


2 hours
$ 8
67 experience points

You brand yourself by mistake. You lose 222 health points.
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Good Feather

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Journal... today
"Chief Giant Snake does not trust the pale-face." You lose 38 health points.

note to self don't work with Chief Giant Snake again


The puma saw you first and crept up on you without a sound. You lose 486 health points.



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Your horse jumps over a fallen tree. Unfortunately you fail to jump with it and land on the ground. You lose 3 health points.