Worst Injury While Working

Bad Mojo

Putting up posters: You hit a nail through your hand. You lose 17 health points.


Those berries seem to have been sour. You lose 4 health points.


I think I got you all beat.

A cow kicks you. You lose 188 health points.
Your health points dropped to 0. You passed out and therefore you will receive no money and no experience points for this job. When you wake up you find yourself in a hotel room. During the accident you must have lost all of the money you had with you. You feel exhausted, all you need is sleep.

I couldn't even sleep in a hotel, since all of my cash disappeared. I lost an entire day's worth of work, due to this crap. :mad:

One Armed Ninja

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You eat too many tomatoes during work and get a bad stomach ache. You lose 34 health points.

T'only time i've been hurt so far...


Job finished: Scare birds off the field On 8/28/09 at 4:01 PM Scare birds off the field


2 hours
$ 4
6 Experience points
A crow pecks you. You lose 104 health points.

Only have 130 health points :bandit:

Eyes Set To Kill

'' You fall off a canoe and catch a cold. You lose 48 health points.''

A cold!?! In The West?.. Sure..


Finally got my swimming high enough to raft wood... There goes all my money.. :sad:


One Armed Ninja

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I hate that horse....


Twice in a row just isn't funny - i'm definately falling down the ranking now :eek:
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Cro Sharpshooter

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It`s not a job injury but I`ll just post it here. I just got KO-ed by Fighter of the red hand, I forgot I didn`t had a weapon equipped and none of my duel gear so I got KO-ed in my second attempt, of course in the last round


You get bitten by a beaver. You lose 292 health points.

Sad to be on top of this thread for now, more sad it was a beaver, oh well, as someone pointed in other post it is a huge risk to go in high danger works with low labor points.
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