Worst injury when working?


My has been:"You don't pay attention and trip over a rock. You lose 2 health points."

Pretty funny lol. I have heard some people have been bitten back by turkeys!


"A rock falls on your foot. You lose 157 health points."

It was a big rock.


"A turkey bites you, you lose 37 points"

I guess it was a big one.


I put a nail though my foot fixing the fence lost something like 19hp


There's a thread in the bugs and game errors section about this. I believe up to this point turkeys are the most dangerous critters in The West. I've had a couple of run ins with them myself.


well youd think guarding a fort would be much more dangerous than working with turkeys.. hey.. maybe the turkeys have guns! *looks smart*


"You caught an STD from sleeping in the janitor's closet with 69 other men, you lose 45hp"