World El Dorardo

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Been away from TW for 1 Year

Is El Dorardo still alive & kicking in the TW ?


Probably the deadest of the dead worlds. We call it a graveyard.


It has an awesome church and some beautiful ladies (I think).


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In there are more then 15-25 active players why i see sometimes 60 players in there loooooooooool.........But any way is a quiet world with no fort battles lol and that is also a pity..............:-(


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Just on Saturday i deleted this world why it is a dead any way and indeed no activity.......And all my friends is gone is now a boring world for me and with no fort fight in there sad.........Was deleted on 8 October hahaha.......... :up:

Victor Kruger

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If theres any collectors left on dorado might want a golden axe i have ... just havnt got around to deleting there yet .. im about just come find me.