World cup 2014


This world cup is a bit unpredictable, but I kind of like it. After all, it does not matter where are you from or how big a transfer price you carry, if your team plays in form, then and only then you deserve to win. All of my teams are eliminated except for Uruguay. I hope they can reach a higher place but they will have to deserve it of course :) For finalists, I wish it were an "inferior" team like Chille, Mexico, Uruguay, Ghana even USA, but if not, then hopefully Brazil vs Germany would be interesting.


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So, Germany is off to semi finals. Not the best gamei watched, rather boring. To bad Benzema didnt score in 94th.

Next, im hoping Brazil gets knocked out and Columbia goes to semi finals also :D


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And Brazil again went trough with the help of refferee. I wonder if some teams even had to come because of all the bias judging in their games.


Hmmm, now that Germany won, I expect Inno to give us some sort of a gift to celebrate the win :laugh:


Hope we get atleast 1.5k fireworks free due to germany winning.