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World Closures!


Good morning!

It has come to that time again where some of our older worlds are going to be closed down. In the interest of keeping our players activity alive, we have recently opened up migrations routes to bunch players up in a world than rather have them scattered across too many worlds.

The following migration routes were made available in December 2017:

World 1 migration to Dakota, El Dorado and Fairbanks
World 10 migration to Dakota, El Dorado and Fairbanks
World 11
migration to Dakota, El Dorado and Fairbanks
World 12
migration to Dakota, El Dorado and Fairbanks

While it was noted in this announcement that world 1 would be involved in the world closures, after receiving feedback from our playerbase, and of course careful consideration for our original first world, it has been decided that we will not be closing world 1 in this set of world closures. This does not mean world 1 won't close - world 1 will be set to close with the next set of world closures, most likely at this end of 2018. This gives the players in world 1 an opportunity to discuss strategies when moving to another world, especially for the groups that would like to remain together.

Worlds 10, 11 and 12 will be closing on the 21st of February 2018 at 23:59 PM. Any characters that are on this world by the time we close it will be lost. Please make sure that you migrate your characters before this date and time. Do not wait until the last minute either, as deleting a character takes approximately 5 days to complete and the migration process a further day before the character is transferred to a new world.

How do I migrate? <- Clicky click

We have never provided compensation for lost or deleted characters in the past due to players purposely deleting characters in attempt to extort our system. However, if you feel that your loss is great enough, you may contact our support team regarding this. Your account will be checked thoroughly, and if we find that you had no choice but to delete and lose a high level character, there is a small something we can give you. Of course this won't cover your loss, but something is perhaps better than nothing.

If you have any further questions regarding the migration routes or world closures, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.