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Even if we put all West markets together, I don't think we will reach that number of active players anymore.


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Then why don't you just quit, or have Inno shut down the west altogether?. Maybe 29k (according to the screen shot above that you posted) aren't all active. But we made it work on W1 with a lot less. You get out of it what you put into it. Six hundred sounds pretty awesome after 170 on world 1.

And actually, no. I wouldn't be happy if there were just 2 people on a server. I would actually require 4. A field cook, tonic peddler, blacksmith and saddler. ;) Why does a fort battle have to be full? I never understood that. You can have just as much fun with 20 on each side in a small, medium, or large. It depends on the people you play with, I guess.

Some people just can't find any happiness at all in a game that's supposed to be fun. It's not perfect, but it's a good time killer.


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Then why don't you just quit
Oh don't worry about that, countless friends have quit the game, more leave every day, and every one that does is one less reason to stick around and see if they fix the broken parts of the game that we used to play it for, because at the end of the day, the other players are what makes this game great.

Of the 29k accounts on the newest world, 25k have already quit/deactivated in under a year.
Maybe we should ask why player retention is so bad, or maybe we shouldn't bother, as long as there are 4 players left... right?

I totally respect that you enjoy church building, questing, grinding for exp, stuff like that - I'm happy for you that you can still find enjoyment in those aspects of the game.
A lot of us miss the ability to kill time and have fun in this potentially amazing game.
20 vs 20s can be fun, and there's lots of worlds like that to pick from - but there's a reason Colorado and Kansas have the most active playerbase, and the most active markets, and the most active duels, and the most active saloons, and the most active nugget users (which - open secret - are the players the company wants to cater to, because that's how the freemium business model works).
Bigger is Better.
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If this was a game that never had more players than today and it was all hypothetical, then yes, I would agree - we don't know if bigger is better. But we do know. This is not a hypothetical situation. We had more players, we had worlds with thousands of players who were active on a daily basis, we had maps with 40 sectors and 120 forts (IIRC), battles all the time, practically unlimited number of duel targets etc. And yes, many players still love this game, and know that it takes so little effort to make it better. That's why they don't quit - because they care. The sad part is that it is so easy to fix a lot of the things that don't work well today, but it's not happening :(