World Animal Day - Sidequest 4

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Lily of the Valley

The West Team
Event Team
You reached post 500! Well done! Seems like you guys are true animallovers!
This went way faster than I expected, so sorry for the delay in post :p
The next sidequest will unlock at post 750! So keep them comming!

As you are so fast with the animalpictures, we wonder how fast you can make the actual animals!

What do you have to do?

Post a printscreen in THIS TOPIC showing the fastest animal you got in The West.
Note: Animals from the speedserver don't count!

Dont forget to let us know on what world you would want a reward.

Deadline: november 1st 2022 at 00.01 servertime


1x Drawn at random from 10 players with the printscreen with the fastest animal:
  • Choose 2 animals from the Farmer's Crate
  • 100 Nuggets
Drawn at random:
  • 5x 100 Bonds
  • 3x Rudolph [item=608000]
Good luck!
Your The West Team
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