World Animal Day - Sidequest 1

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Lily of the Valley

The West Team
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Congratulations! You reached the number 100! This means an extra quest!

As you go about finding cute and funny animalpictures (please continue doing so for the next sidequests) you decide to investigate them closer. The only option to not scare them off is to blend in, so you will have to go undercover!

What do you have to do?
Send a printscreen in THIS TOPIC of your character on The West wearing an animal suit (for example the ones that were on sale for Eastern).
Dont forget to let us know on what world you would want a reward.

Deadline: november 1st 2022 at 00.01 servertime

Rewards - Drawn at random:
  • 5x 100 Bonds
  • 5x A basket of goods [item=51750000]
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Hi mate
World Colorado Please
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