World 9 closing

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So long World 9 - you were a great old classic world. Out of 5 worlds I always enjoyed going to it first of the day.

Lots of great players earned their stripes here.

I remember on two occasions where we had Fort Chaos. Every fort on the map was declared thanks to Vic.

April Fools day 2014 will be its last day of operations.


RIP W9.. Where our Characters were born and gainexperience.


Ahhh were it all started!
As they say "All good things must come to an end"
Early 2009 i do believe.. We kicked off as advents, my brother and I, in a town called "Wealdstone".. Waco Kid was his toon.. dragged a few others others into the game.
I could name them but some still play and i wouldn't want to upset their game play ;).
The learning curve was something we enjoyed the most.. we lucked out by setting up shop (town) right next to the greek towns... though i still have to this day the mail from a large town (who joined the other side.. phaa) copied :)
friday night was greek night.
We all used to rock up about 9pm server time and duel 'el mirachi' and forgive me.. my mind is mush after 5 years with so many other worlds (began with a G) and duel duel duel (days when you could KO at a town in one night, not the player on a spot)
sort of killed the town raids now and all that "All for one" if you see where i'm coming form (lost that now)
best build for an Advent in those days was 'Resist' (they've messed with the math)
Before the forts kicked in we used to have so much fun and banter between both sides :)
Forts came in: The fun just.... just....mutiplyed :) hell it was even better.... we could drag the fringes of townsfolk into the game..
today.. with all the kit? just not the same.. we used to fill if not over fill a large fort battle.. easy, we were equal in the forts :)

But then came other worlds, world after world, with their promise of restarting their toons and being better than the started out..

I still have my W9 toon just as he is.. W1 is where i live thanks to wharp option, still have the toon i created thanks to the many peeps i met on this world!

goodbye world 9 your forever in my heart and so are the many peeps i met (RIP) the ones that left

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Nice memories, A.
I bet everybody got their own story to write.