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I hear World 1 is about to close, Inno obviously dont want our money anymore as a lot of premium players talking about quitting.
Alot of us have already moved worlds as you have closed the worlds we were in , and now you are doing it again---- WHY?


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The reason why is due to their selfish desires of opening new worlds and closing older worlds without actually compromising the closure.(factor 1)

If you call that achievement as compromise(which is a complete freaking joke/scam)

And usually, once migration is open, that world is destined to be closed.

world 1 probably had the inevitable extended due to you players who were stubborn enough to stay.

The world isn't "profitable enough to continue maintaining".
(factor 2)

A lot of players have multiple worlds where they actually worked hard, sacrificed a lot and invested much more into it to find out that they are not gonna have anything off that since they'll need to choose which toon they'll like to make as a holy sacrifice.

So, why in the world inno decides cutting the stonebags that is dragging it down without any compromise?

And hell no, I ain't asking for something like a useless achievement/nickname.

Or a medal which has .06 reflex.

Something actually worthwhile that actually is worth the years/investment/sacrifices made to the end of a shutdown.

A really overpowered special set would be a huge compromise but that might be too much.......

An insane amount of ingame cash/nuggets might be the way to go.

Any set(other than event prizes unless they seriously invested a lot) with choices to choose from.

All options are currently invalid(not made).


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NOOOOO not World 1 !!!! I migrated my world 8 toon there when they closed that world, and it is really a sweet place to be. Lots of friendly oldtimers.


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There's less than 1000 accounts on World 1 (and a couple of other servers have the same issue). The only reason W1 has lasted so long is for nostalgic reasons, but in my opinion, it's time to say goodbye and move people together into one, actually active, server.

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I've said it before... Toon born & dies in World 1 & I move on... all other worlds are deleted.
Right now INNO is killing the game on their own

I gave many tips for better game play ;)


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At the moment, World 1 is staying open. Migration is enabled, but the world is not scheduled to be closed in the near future. That may change - it is inevitable that the world will be closed at some stage - but that time is not yet.