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Assign or adjust the worker class fort fighting bonus. The effects from the class bonus paired with the newest update to fort fighting, makes the current class bonus completely irrelevant. Add 50 damage resistance for the worker (100 premium) instead of the current worker bonus.

Current Workaround
Worker class fort fighting bonus is irrelevant.

The worker class bonus of the sector increased by 60% is a joke. We are talking a very insignificant amount of differences between aim/dodge numbers, when a premium worker is standing on their own tower compared to a different class on their own tower with similar skills. And their attack bonus, wait, they don't have one of those either.

New update has brought only horrible battles for workers in both attacks and defenses, making them virtually worthless.

Solution is to change the bonus to add a resistance. 50 damage resistance or 100 premium.

Visual Aids

A change is needed for the worker class FF bonus, as they currently don't have one.

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