Work queues


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How/when are job queues calculated?
For instance, if a job offered 'Product 100%, 10xp and $100' while I was wearing no clothes, but 'Product 200%, 20xp and $200' while wearing appropriate work clothes, when do these value calculate?
What I mean is, if I go click 1hr work wearing no clothes, but on my way to the job location, equip work clothes, are the values considered when I actually start the work, or when I clicked to queue it?
Or what about if I changed clothes while working? Does it process the rewards at the time of job completion instead?

I've been thinking that, what I'm wearing when I queue the work, not when it actually starts or finishes, is what matters, because that's when a buff point is used up...


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The skill points you have towards the job when you actually queue the job are what matter, but the set bonuses can be equipped at any point.

So, equip the best clothes with the highest labour points for the job, then queue the work and the skill points will be locked in. Then you can optionally change to your experience set or your luck set etc, for the additional bonuses they grant, or your duel set to protect you while you work.