Wolf Towns are Recruiting


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Both Wolf towns are recruiting active players.

Town Name: Wolf Creek & Wolf Canyon
Town Rank: #27 & #61
Town Points: 49800 each (Both are complete including Market and Sheriff)
What classes are required: All classes and levels are welcomed.
Number of Open Positions: 15 in Wolf Creek & 20 in Wolf Canyon

Town Descriptions:

Wolf Creek - Leader of The Pack alliance
Wolf Canyon - Partner town to the Creek

Both Wolf towns are located in sector G3 (from top left corner, 7 to the right and 3 down).

Both Wolf towns are fully built. There is no need to donate your hard earned cash to either town treasury. Please feel free to save up for your own needs for gear.

Everyone was new at one time... We have a lot of experienced players and help support each other in any way possible. Everyone is free to join in the discussions in the ingame chat or the forums. We also encourage people to ask any questions that they may have.

Join for the town accommodations, stay for the friendships you'll make.

The Pack alliance:
Where loyalty, honour and respect mean more than just words on a screen.
These are the qualities that we hold above all others.
If you can truly state that you feel the same, please contact Gunzorzski for an invite to The Pack.

Where to contact:
Wolf Creek - Gunzorzski
Wolf Canyon - HelenBack

Please Note:
When you request an invitation, please tell us something about yourself.

Some suggestions:
- What are your plans for Arizona?
- What other worlds are you playing on?
- What kind of skills are you using for your character? (dueler/fort fighter/etc)
- What's your favourite part of the game so far?
- What's your least favourite part of the game so far?
- Anything else you can think of...

Hope to hear from you soon!