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All people got this correct YEAH here the result was for this question: In which quest is the text 'Ook! Ook!' and what is it that you need to do here?

= Travelling circus, and you need to show a corn to the monkey, to finish the quest and get the key.

These are the randomly selected 4 winners of the round:

Lucky Dan1x Ibenezer Grinch's chest
Abydos11 x Christmas package
rndm1 x 100 Bonds
Misi1 x 100 Nuggets

All winners please contact Support with which server they want their prize.
For those who were not lucky to win in this one, don't worry, you still have a chance in the final draw
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Harriet Oleson

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The text "Ook! Ook!" isn't from Traveling Circus quest nor questline.

You may have thought about "The travelling FAIR" quest (from the questline "Secrets of the west") but here the exact text isn't "Ook! Ook!" but "Ook, Ook..? Ook, Ook!".

The only quest (at least the only one I found) where it's really written "Ook! Ook!" is the hidden quest called "Ook!" (id 133700) and available when the travelling fair is open : you can click on the monkey to open and accept the hidden quest, and here too you have to equip a corn to show it to the monkey. A monkey who says precisely "Ook! Ook!".

Goober Pyle

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Well, officially the answer is “Ook!”
(That is the name of the quest and the quest line) and “Show a specific item”. The rest is just descriptive and most variations that convey the basic idea were accepted.