Why's Ed a big deal?

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No the Nelson Mandela effect is only in your head. Literally. They scream "Ed McMahon never worked for Publisher's Clearing House even though that's what I remember!"

uhhhh yeah ok, and?

He worked for the direct competitor to PCH, American Family Publishers. That were both owned by Time Inc.. So they probably looked exactly the same, used the same promotional tactics, same film sets, etc.. Both had "Publishers" in the name and both were the only big Sweepstakes running at that time. So obviously it's normal to think some people might have associated the two with each other and mistakenly remembered Ed McMahon being a spokesperson for PCH when he was in fact a spokesperson for AFP.

Seriously, if you believe in this Mandela Effect nonsense you are lying to yourself. You are human, infallible. A slip of memory is a gimme. My evidence that it is just a memory thing is the Band Aid song. i clearly remember "I'm stuck on Band Aid and Band Aid's stuck on me." But my friend remembered it "I'm stuck on Band Aid brand and Band Aid's stuck on me." He showed me the commercial online and i stood corrected. We just remember things differently. Welcome to being human. :D


The X-files did an entire episode based on the "Mandela Effect" that involved someone manipulating peoples memories

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That entire episode was a parody of the silliest conspiracy theories popular in 2016.