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Why i don't vote.

Tucker Blue

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Short answer - i don't believe a single political leader has the best interest of Canada Corporation in mind and some i would even call criminals.

Explained - Any prime minister that does not veto the 1974 Canada Bank Act is a criminal as far as i'm concerned. It was this what i believe to be a fraudulent act of Pierre Trudeau that ushered Canada Corporation into a new world of debt slavery. The Bank Of Canada should be printing Canada Corporation's money at 0% interest not borrowing from international (central) bankers at ridiculous interest rates. In the first 107 years of Canada Corporation's existence they accrued roughly $20 billion dollars of debt. In the following 45 years after the 1974 Canada Bank Act they have accrued roughly $1.4 trillion dollars of debt. i refuse to vote for one alleged criminal over another when both have the same devious agenda, which includes our blind and silent obedience to the state.


As a native Canadian, I am not an expert in economics. Not by a long shot. However apparently from what I've read there isn't a country that doesn't need to deal with debt. One of the highest but not the highest debt load is China owing 5.2 trillion US. One of the lowest is Saudi Arabia $87.7 billion. But how much a country ends up owing just like how much an individual's loans are does not always equal living conditions. For countries GNP seems to be a big factor in its overall condition. I am still striving to understand these complex economic systems.


The economic crisis (81-82) seemed to have influenced economics in a large way driving up debt for many countries and generally hurting the overall economy worldwide except perhaps for China which was very active at that time building its economy. I don't understand why or if China will be better off than the rest of the world but do think the global economy is not something to be ignored.

I am not sure which banking system would be best for Canada or Canadians in general.

I am not an active lobbyist or even very political minded but apparently to invoke change one would need to find ways to sway votes in a direction a democratic government needs to go. What is the alternative? Nothing good I would think.


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You seem to not understand how debt works. The national debt isn't owed to some magical entity with infinite money known as the world bank nor is it "owed to China" like many people seem to think. 73% of the national debt is held by domestic investors (https://www.fin.gc.ca/dtman/2013-2014/dmr-rgd1401-eng.asp#toc12) who are investing for their own wealth which is through a number of sources such as a corporation putting cash surpluses in t-bills, corporate retirement plans, individuals investing in bonds, etc.
The 27% that is owed to foreign investors is the same thing. I couldn't find exact breakdowns, but it is very unlikely we owe "China" anything. A portion of that debt may be owed to Chinese investors, but more likely is wrapped up in global mutual funds and ETFs owned by individuals or foreign corporations seeking to diverdiversify.
So why don't we loan at 0%? Because nobody would invest in Canada bonds at 0%.