Why allowing migration to dakota is a bad idea


Since devs are playing with the idea to allow migration to dakota, i thought i tried to make a thread to explain why such an idea is really bad.

First of all dakota atm only has 80 level 120 players, with all the changes(especially the job system and new quest requirement level changes) levelling from level 50-80 but just in general on high levels is really much harder for the normal player. So thats why there relatively little amount of high level players. allowing migration would cause an influx of many high ranked players generally packed with money and products.

Atm many of those level 20-30-40-50-60-70 players even with 1k hp of health can get into fortfights on dakota, a big influx of high ranked players with better gear weapons(and also easily with better hp) will make it much harder for little guys to enjoy the taste of fortfights... most normally timed (counting out weird 8 am larges) tend to fill already on dakota, last night there were 240 people just for a medium fight. so that would be a bad case.

But now the most distorting part, the market prices on dakota are low, much much lower then on any other world. You want a tombola belt or shoe? you might pay 25k on dakota, on old worlds and certainly on closed worlds the supply is almost non existant and if anything is listed (heck even on colorado or w11-14) such an item costs 250k, not to mention you can get a tombola rifle set on dakota complete for 500k, on older worlds you pay, if even available which its generally not , 1.5-2 million easily.

Atm all those level 40-90's which are the majority of players still can get after jobbing a bit and trading a bit get their hands on nice items, people coming from old worlds with 2-3-4-5 year old accoutns the prices on dakota market are a joke, which will no doubt lead to a sharp increase of prices making nice stuff just unobtainable for those struggling lower ranks. Not to mention product prices on the dakota market or those of just regular shiny's they are also at maybe 25% of what they cost on other worlds.

An influx of just 50 or so level 120s on a world as dakota would really totally distort the world. and look at it this way your a level 120 on lets say w12, dying to get your hands on some sets(and are a total non prem), you got 1 million of cash but thats not enough to get really anything, where you can transfer to dakota and not only just get 1 set, but multiple and atleast parts of other sets as well as multiple shiny's. people will make such decisions and it will badly influence the dakota world.

So please no migration to dakota!


Why allow migration to Dakota? There are others still open worlds that need help with having more players.

If you are talking about migration from those worlds that registration is closed for them and they gonna close sooner or later I think best option is to allow migration from those to any other active World, just not Dakota and maybe even not Colorado. W1, 11, 12, Briscoe and Arizona can be much better place for those people also those people can help those world too. Colorado and Dakota have enough people in there. Don't they? At least those are marked as highly populated in the login page.

If you talking about those mentioned world, it's just bad idea, let people from Dakota and Colorado to migrate to those but not vice versa.
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LMAO,Really I'm all for it to be honest the more targets the merrier.Beyond that the world could use a population boost which will help eliminate a little stagnation yup I said it and it's true.Let the migration begin.

Traviano 2

I'm with infin on this one. Needs a boost. Not just big guys migrate, small guys do too.

And I fail to see what Zeta means by the market. How can an injection of money into a low cash world be bad? Prices don't have to change. Greedy people charge lots. If people there can't afford it, why not let someone who can get it, do. Lots of people there are already equipped with stuff and I have seen no lack of generosity. Unlike other worlds.

Someone feel free to elaborate. Maybe you can see something that I don't.
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Completely agree with zeta here, as it is its hard for non premium's to get their hands on named set's with the migration, you'll see many of those non prem's leaving due to the handicap you'll be putting on them.


I think it is now time to allow migration from and to Dakota.. Fortfights have been dead for quite a while now. Most people got the new FF gears.. but nowhere to use it at...


FFs have been dead for a short while, but not due to a shortage of FFers. Energy, cohesion, and hope have been missing.
Just a few players joining through migration could make a big difference.


The problem is no Fort Fighters would migrate to Dakota if their world is filled with daily fort battles maybe reduce the number of worlds so many worlds will have a higher concentration of players hence the battles may increase.


World 11 is pretty good with 1 battle per day, But the only problem is less no. of fort fighters.. Currently around 60-70 active players on both sides.


I woul welcome a migration from galv to world 11 or any active world


course I have only 5 worlds I quit galv so migrations from Colorado or Arizona to a more active world espically fort fighting would be better for me...have friends on galv and a few other worlds that are dead who would love to migrate