Who's Best Fort Fighter In Briscoe

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i dont think there is a "best" fort fighter....

i would say anyone with good hp who is willing to use it(so not hiding) has my vote ;)


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i don't play briscoe but somehow, i'm thinking shaelee. it's a world that he kinda takes seriously, and after witnessing what he can do when he's fooling around, i can only think "awesome" when he decides to actually take the time to lead his pack.


That's false though, it only counts damage plus Silverex has been in 80+ battles more than anyone else whilst hiding behind hordes of shields. Takes him ages to die but he racks the damage up.

That's not the definition of a great fighter let alone the best.

In my eyes it's between Zobel, Badac and Sixgun.


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the reason i don't use westfort as a reference in this particular case, is because i know for some stuff related to his personal life, shae has taken a few (long) breaks, affecting his stats. some players have certain seasonal issues as well. oan, for instance, virtually disappears every summer...does it means he is not one of the best? for me, oan will be awesome even after he stops playing for good.


It also doesn't reward the best blockers who usually end up dieing before they can do any real damage.


Does it really matter, this is nothing more than a popularity contest.


The best fort fighter is the player who has Led the team to the most victories. Players come and go but without a good leader, the battle is futile. To call shaelee the best fort fighter because they have placed all their skills in health seems a bit silly. Anybody with that much health can be a huge asset, but it takes a team with a good leader to keep a fort. Besides, it's not like any of them have done 19,000 plus damage in a battle.
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I would like to think Capt. Canoe is in the top fort fighters. His town Fil of Dynamite has some of the best and what would appear to be the most dedicated fort fighters in Briscoe.

There are several that know how to lead a battle and also lead by example. They dont hide and are willing to take their turns on the front row. A good fort fighter should be able to take their turn up front and than when they get low on HP fall back and not DIE. A dead fort fighter is no good to the team.

Badac, Spicko, Shadow, Gorwin, and the list goes on are all good fort fighters. No way to pick one that is the best, but recognize the best list of fort fighters,